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Peugeot 107 was awarded "car of the year in Russia 2013"
The Peugeot 107 was awarded the prestigious prize "Car of the year 2013» category ’City cars». This victory is a landmark event for Peugeot and confirms the recognition and love from domestic motorists to the…


Car repair Audi
When the four-wheeled friend goes down, it can be deduced from the patience of any vehicle owner. To ensure that failure was not an unpleasant surprise, it is necessary periodically to pass technical inspection, which…


Polishing cars in Tula
During operation of the car paint is exposed to various mechanical influences, which are left on the surface traces in the form of tiny scratches. Therefore, the coating of tarnish or lose its original luster…


How to choose the trunk and how to protect your car when it is installed?

Tips from “TuningBox-Msk”

Among the accessories a separate place in the back for cargo transportation, which are mounted on the roof of the car. The variety of baggage systems, ease of mounting and ease of use, that’s what many motorists are increasingly decide to equip your car for such a simple installation. The mounting racks are made by special fasteners: for door opening, at the regular places, either on rails, if any.

Tip 1 – What would you have chosen the trunk absolutely any manufacturer, do not forget that ANY trunk, when used, can cause abrasions to the paint of the car. And no matter how actively Continue reading

Diagnostics of the car before buying

You are planning to buy a used car? It is very important to know whether the machine is in an accident, what is the actual mileage. are there any hidden defects that will occur during operation.

Use the “Diagnostics of the car before buying» “absolute-Auto!

We offer a comprehensive diagnosis or diagnosis for individual parameters:

Full diagnostics of the vehicle chassis.

Diagnostics brakes and shock absorbers on the line instrumental control.

Computer diagnostics of the engine.

Measurement of compression.

Check the alignment and geometry of the body.

Assessment Continue reading

Tinted car

Professional tinting car Windows at competitive prices. Prices on automotive window film You can find here. Rastonirovali.Tint LLumar Modern cars are complex perfect designs, which are working to create thousands of teams of specialists. Any attempt to bring something else for the car can not only improve it, but also lead to the opposite result.

High quality LLumar films production company COURTAULDS (USA) you can further enhance the beauty and personality of the car, and to improve their comfort and safety. There is a wide range of films of a professional class, specially designed for glass hire. These films can be installed on the Windows of cars of all brands without their Continue reading

Named the fastest car in the world

Named the fastest car in the world

American car unofficially broke the speed record

The American company Hennessey has tested its Venom GT supercar on the runway at Kennedy space center at Cape Canaveral, and this model has reached such a speed, which has not yet been reached no production car in the world – 435,3 km/h. The previous record belonged to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: this model is accelerated at the landfill Volkswagen one way to 434 km/h, and in another – up to 427 km/h. In the Guinness Book of records went average time – 431 km/h, and formally the record is not broken, because the Venom GT has made in only one way. Such were the limitations, which for some reason has established the management Continue reading



Professional stationary high-pressure apparatus without heating water Portotecnica ML 2840 C T

– New high-pressure pump IPC pump with brass head and ceramic pistons;

– Two-pole motor: Barony engine class S1(continuous duty) for model ML CMP 2840 T (2800 rpm);

– Valve By-Pass regulating a supply pressure;

– Supporting metal plate to protect the By-Pass from mechanical loads;

– General switch with thermal protection;

– The THERMOSTATIC VALVE to protect the pump from overheating while the apparatus is in phase by-pass;

Frame and cover made of stainless steel (top model);

– Hull Continue reading

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